How to Find a Christian Philanthropist Who Can Help You Start Businesses

Starting a business is not an easy task. There are hundreds of details to take care of. Most importantly, you will have to arrange for the necessary startup capital for your business. One of the best ways to find capital is by finding a Christian philanthropist who can help you start businesses. If you have already approached friends and family but still require more capital in order to start up your business, you can start finding charitable fellow Christians who may be willing to help you out. While contacting banks is one option, banks are not really too keen in today’s economy to lend money for new businesses.

Where to find a Christian philanthropist who can help you start businesses?
There are several ways in which you can find philanthropist. The most useful and the easiest way to find such charitable people is through your personal contacts. If you have any helpful connections, now would be the time for you to start utilizing them. Talk to people in your church, contact Christian business associations, find referrals at Christian meetings to find helpful connections. When you ask someone for a reference, you should always ask their permission if you can use their name during the conversation with the philanthropist.

Use the internet
Another great way to find a Christian philanthropist who can help you start businesses is by using the internet. There are several Christian networks online that connect entrepreneurs with job seekers, investors, advisors and philanthropists. You can sign up for some of these networks and get the contact information about the other members who may be able to help you out with your new business. You can also browse through the profiles of others to see if they have helped other similar entrepreneurs in the past. If you find someone promising, you can contact them.

Local Christian accountants, bankers, dentists, doctors, attorneys, business incubators, universities etc are all helpful sources that you should not miss out on. Once you do find philanthropists that may be interested in helping you start your own business you will also have to convince them about your business. You should have a business file ready with all the information that they would want from you. You must show them your business idea and must let them know how you intend to use it for the betterment of the church or for spreading Christianity. Your report must include your background details, your credentials and details about your experience. You should remember that your business must sound convincing enough. Above all, since it is a Christian business your report must show how you intend to follow Biblical principles.

If you follow these tips, you would definitely be able to find a Christian philanthropist who can help you start businesses.